Algarita Apartments Thanksgiving Survival Guide!

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Why break the bank this year entertaining your lovely family and friends? With a little extra thought, planning and delegation, this Thanksgiving can be stress-free on your wallet. Integrate a few of the tips below and spend less to enjoy more.

1.  Alcohol! Oh Boy does this cost a pretty penny. If you don’t drink…great! Saving $$ already. However, for those who like to indulge in a festive cocktail, think about the alcoholic beverage as being a menu item. If you create a specialty drink out of it, i.e. punch or sparkler, sangria, cider, you are instantly cutting costs because less alcohol will be consumed due to the extra ingredients that make it so fantastic (but are less costly than booze!).

Click here for a beautiful Warm Cider and Rum Punch Recipe that is sure to keep your guests happy!

2. Delegate! Do not hesitate to ask your guests to bring a dish or even two! Just because you are hosting does not mean you have to provide everything. If you are a guest, make sure to ask your host what you can bring, and then bring extra. Thanksgiving is a time to share what we have with others and be grateful in that feeling of abundance.

3. Make your menu NOW. Prices go up as we get closer to the Holiday, so if there are any items that can be purchased ahead of time, do so. Also, start shopping around for deals…there are plenty to be had!

4. Lastly, if your budget allows, make double of your Thanksgiving dishes. You are already in the kitchen preparing them, just simply double. Thanksgiving leftovers are perfect for the freeezer and wonderful to eat and enjoy over the following weeks until Christmas. This will save you time and $$ on future meals. Who doesn’t love leftover Thanksgiving!

Click here or on the pic below for a Thanksgiving Menu sure to please your guests and your wallet!

Algarita Apartments Thanksgiving

Algarita Apartments Thanksgiving


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