Stop by for the best Taco Tuesday in 78704!

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This Tuesday, February 23rd, from 8:30-5:30 we are having our monthly Taco Tuesday! Please stop by anytime to grab a delicious taco and say “Hello”.

Who: Residents + Friends, & Any Hungry People!

What: Simply grab a taco, maybe ASK us  about our current SPECIALS, or Heck…take a TOUR!

Why? We LOVE our residents and we want to meet YOU!

Click the link below to find 25 mouth-watering taco recipes, inspired by this upcoming Taco Tuesday Event. If you feel compelled to make the “Chorizo Potato Puffy Tacos”, please send me an invite!:)

25 recipes for Taco Tuesday

See you all on Tuesday at the Best Taco Tuesday in 78704!!!


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